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Cut 45 mins of prep time. Bake a Fluffy Loaf, No proofing needed.
● Mix BreadyMix Multigrain (15.06OZ/427g) with 1.5 cups of very HOT tap water.
!!For fluffier texture!! You may want to add 10g of any (active) dry yeast or "quick rise yeast"

● Mix for 5 minutes with mixer at low. Make sure no dry flour remains in your bowl. Mix for extra 10 minutes at medium.
!!For fluffier texture!! Cover dough with kitchen towel and let rest in pre-heated oven at 200F for 15min. Remove towel. 

● Remove towel and preheat oven to 400F.

● After mixing, form dough as tube shape and place into a non-stick loaf pan. For artisanal loaf: Shape dough round. Ensure NO air pockets/cracks are seen from outside.

● Fill 1-2 oven-proof glasses, pottery mugs or baking tins with hot water.

● Transfer your Bready dough plus the water containers to your pre-heated oven and bake on parchment lined wire rack at 400F for 40-50 minutes.

● Bready To Go? Once you can see a dark / brown crust on top of dough, remove from oven and let cool down completely.  

                  BEFORE                                             AFTER  



NO Loaf Pan? Fancy a fluffy ARTISANAL loaf?

● Mix your Bready Mix with very HOT tap water. 
!!For fluffier texture!! You may want to add 10g of any (active) dry yeast or "quick rise yeast"

● Mix for 12 minutes with mixer at medium. Make sure no dry flour remains in your bowl. 

● After mixing, shape dough as a ball. Ensure NO air pockets / cracks are seen from outside. 

● Fill an ovenproof container such as a baking tin or a mug with hot water and place inside the oven.

● Let dough sit on wire rack & proof in pre-heated oven at 150-180 F for 45 min.

● For Multigrain Bread: Bake on wire rack at 375F for 45-50 minutes.
● For Sandwich Bread: Bake on wire rack at 375F for 30-35 minutes.



Q: I baked my Sandwich bread, but after 35 mins it was not ready. What do I do?

A: Some ovens are different. Temperatures may vary from oven to oven, and it also depends on the size of the oven. If after 35 mins you feel your bread is not l ready, the best indication is to stick a knife through the bread, if it comes clean bread is done. Also you can tap the bottom, top and sides of the bread with a knife, if it sounds hollow bread is ready. 


Q: How long does my baked product last without going bad?

A: Our flour mixes are made from quality ingredients without any artificials / chemicals. For best results keep in a sealed plastic bag inside your fridge. If kept in the fridge, your bread can last for 12 to 14 days.

Q: Can I freeze my baked bread?

A: Yes, you can freeze / re-freeze the baked bread and use it at a later stage, but for best results do not freeze for more than 3 months. Make sure the bread cools down completely (approx 1-2 hours after baking) before you freeze it.


Q: Do I need a baking pan?

A: You do not need a baking pan, you can also shape your loaf round or in a different shape and place it on top of parchment paper. We also use loaf pans of different sizes and shapes.


Q: How can I make my bread fluffier?

A: You can add 20 grams of fresh yeast or 10 grams of (active) dry yeast per small Bready bag when mixing with the hot water. You can also let the dough rest longer in the pre-heated (150F-180F ) oven.




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